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sus URL shortener

  • creating a new shortlink at

      susmng [-s] create -l shortlink -v
  • deleting the shortlink

      susmng [-s] delete -l shortlink -v confirm
  • listing all shortlinks on the server

      susmng [-s] list

susmng will assume the first server in the secrets section of the configuration file if the -s flag is not provided.


running the server

  1. generate the secret used to create and delete shortlinks

     echo SECRET=`pwgen -s 64 1` >> .env
  2. run the services

     docker-compose up -d --build

server environment variables

Variable Default Description
SECRET N/A the secret used for signature verification
LISTEN_ADDRESS the address the server is listening on
INDEX_GET_REDIRECT the URL the user should be redirected to if they try to access / on the server
MAX_AGE_MS 500 how old a request can be (in milliseconds) before the server will refuse to process it

setting up susmng

  1. install susmng

     make install-susmng
  2. create configuration files

     susmng init
  3. edit configuration files (~/.config/susmng/config.json) to add your secrets